How to be a NASCAR Driver?

Danica Patrick, left, and Tony Stewart pose with the No. 10 car at its unveiling at Texas Motor Speedway, Friday, Nov. 4, 2011, in Fort Worth, Texas. Patrick, who is moving full time to NASCAR next season, is racing Saturday for the first time since the IndyCar Series finale at Las Vegas three weeks ago. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

When the right energy, determination, and passion for becoming a NASCAR driver is channeled in the right direction, it can be a dream come true for any aspiring candidate. To be prowess in NASCAR driving, one has to be equipped with the basic skills first. This ability is beneficial when it comes to the professional racing competitions.


To be a proficient NASCAR driver, one has to start with the basics that are; start training with race go-karts which helps equip one with the technique of racing, controlling the kart and also maintenance of the kart speed. This exercise should begin with a tender age to increase the chances of advancing in the career field as a NASCAR driver. Joining different kart racing competitions either local, regional or international exposes one to more skills too. Before attaining the legal age for NASCAR driving, getting attached to a youth racing track is advisable, which helps one gain experience on how to handle a vehicle while negotiating a pack around curves.


To advance from the race go-karts, one should enroll in an amateur racing competition before freely participating in any professional race. Building a career, developing talent and gaining professional skill can be achieved through competing in local and regional sports and also watching professional race car drivers on the television


Focused studying the general mechanics of a racing car will help one differentiate between a race car and passenger car. Having the knowledge of the maintenance as well as having a reliable race car and also being able to detect any instance of a problem when it arises is the most crucial aspect of a race car driver. This alerts the driver on the urgency of the problem and hence the call for a solution before the car attracts an accident in the high speeding race. To gain this basic exposure to basic mechanics, one can work as a volunteer to the local racing groups, which may also offer training to the interested persons.Taking a course in Nascar driving equips one with the experience of riding along laps and also set the pace of the car.


Securing an internship with Nascar increases one’s chances of becoming a professional driver. During the internship period, the student’s mind is set to deal with businesses relating to racing. Attending a racing school exposes one to the world of business as a manual worker or as a trained supervisor hence a gateway to the career field as a race car driver. To attain a full competition license, one needs to be successful in some set organizational races.


Physical fitness is also essential in making a successful Nascar driver. Less weight and good health reduces the heat stress and also reduces much strain when racing to outdo and to win.